Thursday, 8 October 2009

Would YOU go to Australia?

Why would I like to visit Australia? That is the question! But don't worry the answer is very easy to find.
First, the weather. In Australia, it is never cold and often sunny and I really like the sun!

Pierre, 2nde E

Sidney is the oldest town in Australia and was made by the United Kingdom, with 760 convicts from London over-crowded jails. It's very interesting!
I could alson swim in one of the beaches. There are plenty of them!! I also could visit the buildings or go on a ferry.

Théophile, 2nde C

I'd also like to visit Australia to dive in the Coral Reef where you can see thousands of corals of all kind of colours that you can't see in Europe.
Quentin G, 2nde C

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