Friday, 9 April 2010

Tim Burton

Tim Burton is a very famous American director and producer. His speciality is dark but funny movies like Edward Scissorhands (Edwrad aux mains d'argent) or Sweeney Todd.
Tim Burton was born in 1958 and is fond of drawing, painting and watching movies. Indeed, he is very talented and creative.

First, he has worked for Walt Disney as a director and producer, you have certainly seen The Nightmare Before Christmas ! But now, he worked on his own projects.

On the picture, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Moreover, he knows famous actors like Johnny Depp, his best friend, or Helena Bonham Carter, his wife. The two of them have acted in a lot of his movies : Alice in Wonderland, currently on the screen, is his new project that's why I recommend you to go watch it (preferably in 3D, because it's his first 3D movie) !
For me, Tim Burton is one of the most original directors, who creates worlds and projects who reflect his (strange) personnality. I really love his movies because we can see his artistic talent - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a good example- and the scenario are often original and gripping. Plus, Tim Burton's world is very attractive and beautiful. (his official website where you can see his gallery and drawings, very funny !)

Caroline CHEN

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