Sunday, 21 November 2010

The mountain Bike (MTB)

Nowadays, the mountain bike (VTT in French) is a sport practiced in the whole world.

It appeared in America in 70’s. The MTB (mountain bike) is practiced thanks to specific bikes on all types of ground. The comparison between MTB’s bike and “classical” bike points out that MTB’s bike has bigger shock absorbers in order to support violent shocks. First competitions were created in 1990 in Duranto, Colorado.

The MTB includes a lot of sports. The most famous are the hike, the downhill, the freeride and the trial. Also, there is a specific bike adapted for the trial, another one for the downhill, etc…

The hike is practiced by the largest part of riders. They can ride on tracks and on roads.

The downhill is practiced in mountain’s descents fitted out for MTV. We can see them in ski stations for instance. But this sport is for experimented riders because it’s dangerous; A fall could be fatal. The races are timed.

The freeride is for agile riders. They have to do a race with obstacles. It’s an impressive show because they have, for example to do acrobatic jumps. The races are in the forest or in stony careers.

The trial is a sport whose is practiced in the cities or in natural landscapes. The rider has to climb up on natural or artificial obstacle as quickly as possible, without putting feet on the ground.

Today the world champion in MTV is Jose Antonio Hermida. The MTB is my passion, I practice it every week.


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