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The legendaries

The legendaries is comics series fantastic wrote by Patrick Sobral

The author

Patrick Sobral was born in 1972 at Limoges. He worked as a decorator of porcelain for 12 years before create the legendaries.

The books (in brief)

Danaël, Jadina, Gryf, Shimy and Razzia are the justices of Alysia(≈The Earth )

Danaël is the leader, a knight of Larbos, Jadina is a princess magician, Gryf is a jaguarian (a man-beast), Shimy is a elementary elf (She can control the earth, the water, the fire and the air) and Razzia is called "the colossus of Rymar"
There are two worlds: Alysia and The Elvish's world

A day, when the legendaries affronted Darkhell, the dark wizard, the stone of Jovénia broke and the people was transformed in children but Darkhell died

The legendaries decided to reverse the effects of "Jovénia's accident "

Over the comics, when the legendaries found a solution of the Jovénia's accident, they have a drawback. The legendairies found the stone of Crescia; met the double of Darkhell: Elysio and two gods; find a artifact impossible to find; fight the god Anathos return to the pass meet the family's Jadina and Gryf

The books' titles
  1. The stone of Jovénia 13. Blood Royal
  2. The Guardian 14. The Heritage of Evil (forthcoming)
  3. Enemies brothers
  4. The Rise of Kréa-Koas
  5. Heart of Pass
  6. Hand of the Future
  7. Dawn and Dusk
  8. Claws and feathers
The cycle of Anathos (4 books)
  1. The Alystory
  2. The Mark of Destiny
  3. Versus Inferno
  4. Renaissance
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