Sunday, 12 December 2010


Monk is a American TV-Show create by Andy Berakman. There are 8 seasons. Monk received Emmy Awards and Golden Globe.
Monk is a very good detective, the best.
But, he has compulsive obsessional disorders and many phobia. The fear of germs, height, snakes, dentist, crowd, milk, bees, etc.
Monk lives in San Francisco.
His wife, Trudy, was murdered, and he is obsessed by her death.
He always investigates with Sharona Fleming who is his nurse and his assistant.
But She moves to New Jersey with her husband. The next assistant is Natalie Teeger.
Monk work often with Captain Leland Stottlemeyer who is a detective in the Department of Police of San Francisco. Stottlemeyer and Monk is friends because they worked together in the police but Stottlemeyer don't like Monk's phobia.
I prefer the begging (season 1-2-3) because there is Sharona. And she is more kind than Natalie.
But the end is good too.

If you want see Monk you can buy the DVD or go here.

Fabien Hochmayr 2°E

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