Tuesday, 6 December 2011

St RoW the Third

Hello today I'm going to speak about a vidéo game, it call St Row the Third .

I think it's a good game because this game is very fun: we have a octopus launcher , many car that we can personalize ( a car with a cannon ) and many suits ( suits of Wrestler, suits of cats, dogs, chicken...).

You must personalize your character in the infinite beaucause there are many coup of hair, many color of skin( blue , white , red, yellow , black or beige ) and you must change the shapes of the face or the shapes of the body ( strong, skinny or fat ).

In the game , we are free in the big city , we can pilot planes for fly between the Skyscrapers and drive many cars.

The purpose of the game is to conquer the city by doing misions and activities

The game cost 60 euros because it's new .

Good game......

Julien Bayec.

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