Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A fine of 35 euros for each cigarette butt thrown on the ground in Paris

In Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the most prestigious avenue in Paris, France, famous for its cinemas, cafés, and luxury specialty shops, cigarette butts sit at the streets. When the authorities here banned smoking inside cafes, little did they know they were creating another hazard: the wanton disposal of cigarette butts, propelled mainly by the absence of public ashtrays.
The throwers butts will soon be punishable by a fine of 35 euros in Paris as part of the campaign "Paris is to fine polluters,". "We are launching the following message: we verbalize throwers butts on sidewalks when there will be cigarette extinguishers everywhere, which is the case in several months," said François Dagnaud. "A cigarette is a highly toxic waste that takes several years to degrade and can pollute up to six liters of water," he said. "It is natural therefore that this form of pollution is punished like other pollutants, but there is a tolerance so far, pending the deployment of extinguishers to cigarettes."
The City was launched in September its "Paris is to fine polluters," with the goal of clean streets and sidewalks. Already, acts of pollution result in fines, such as illegal dumping of bulky, the act of urinating in the street or not to pick up the dog droppings.
I think it's a good concept but I do not think many people will respect this rule. The law may allow indeed throw his butt in the trash or in an ashtray, but I doubt that smokers stop so far. The Champs Elysees is the most beautiful and most visited of all the places in the world, many tourists are there, mixed with the French, who smoke, drink and walk.

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