Sunday, 15 January 2012

Scenes of panic deserving of Titanic

Scenes of panic deserving of Titanic

I am simply upset and shocked by what I learnt this morning.
Indeed, Costa Concordia (one 6 boats costa where I navigated) to
sink at night from Friday, January 13th till Saturday, January 14th near
an island of Tuscany in Italy.
The accident which occurred when Costa Concordia, transporting
4 229 persons who 989 Italians, 462 French people, 569 Germans,
177 Spaniards and 129 Americans struck a rock near the island of Tuscany.
They was heard a loud noise, dishes and flatware fell
on the ground, the lights went out but the staff told them to
keep cool. To have been a passenger of the Costa, I can understand
the inquitude of the passengers as well as in crew members. Several
witnesses one raised from scenes similar to that of Titanic.
Concordia was considered as a real "temple of the entertainment"
with 58 suites with balconies, 5 restaurants, 13 bars,
5 Jacuzzis and 4 swimming pools.
The cruises costa are all simply the paradise as well
for the children, the teenagers, the parents or the old persons.
Restaurant, discotheque, bar, swimming pool,jacouzzi, sauna ...
Boats costa are really wonderful.

Since 2006, I make it a lot and that be for me my best holidays.
This sad really me I and my family. Some tears of pain one paid for the
victims, the crew members which are absolutely wonderful and also for this
wonderful boat. On photos you can perceive the main hall with jacouzzi, then upper deck.
Coincidence ? : In 1912 Titanic flowed because of an iceberg,
100 years later The costa concordia, flowed because of a bench sand.

Alicia Hee 2D

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