Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Speedy Graphito.

              Speedy Graphito

First of all I introduce you my subject, it is about Oliver Rizzo. He was born in 1916 in Paris. He began to paint in 1983. Next his surname is SpeedyGraphito, because he painted relatively quickly. He paints with paintbrushes and stencils on walls notably in paris. Thanks to his talent, he met many artists (Blek the rat and Espylon Point). His talent becomes famous. But in relation with the economics crisis in the nineties, he becomes poor and he is  without news  to display his works. However in 2000, he gets the price of "Keith Hearing French" . Later he paints many cartoons characters such as Titi and Spiderman and Mickey. He says " I try not shut me up but I work about consommation of society  and I try to tell the time that we cross"

A quote from Sepedy : " In the street, art is accessible and does part of life. It is important for me, that my art puts down in life

Rousseau Pauline, seconde D.

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