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Ringer is an American TV series that premiered on The CW (an American network) on September 13, 2011. It airs on tuesdays at 9 p.m. The series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Bridget and Siobhan, Kristoffer Polaha as Henry, Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Martin, Nestor Carbonell as Agent Victor Machado and Tara Summers as Gemma.

Twin Sisters Bridget and Siobhan (both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) have been estranged for the last six years.

Bridget Kelly, an ex-stripper, is six months sober. She is on the run from the mob after witnessing a murder. She flees to New York City, telling no one, to her twin sister's home (Siobhan).
Siobhan Martin lives what appears to be a fairy tale life, a life where no one seems to know that Bridget exists.
The sisters seem to be repairing their broken relationship until Siobhan disappears overboard during a boat trip. Bridget takes on Siobhan's identity and soon discovers that her sister's life is full of secrets.
At the end of the pilot, viewers learn that Siobhan faked her death and is now living in France, with an unknown agenda.

Ringer is produced by CBS Television and Warner Bros.

I really love and enjoy this series. I love mystery and suspense, and Ringer is full of it.
There is a gloomy atmosphere and sometimes, it's kind of scary.
It's a Thriller, a drama, and it looks like a Film Noir sometimes. Indeed some scenes have been inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's movies (like the scene on the boat where Siobhan disappears).
I think it's a great TV Show. I always watch it the day after it airs in the US on the net (in that case on wednesdays).

Every weeks i'm so excited and i think Sarah Michelle Gellar, one of my favourite actress, is simply amazing in it. She is so realistic, and she puts so much drama in what she's doing. She plays both characters really well.

here is the Trailer of the series:


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