Friday, 3 February 2012

Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday 25th January, a movie released to cinema. The name of this movie is: Sherlock Holmes A game of shadows.
It talk about an investigation led by Sherlock Holmes ans his associate and best friend Mr Watson.
In this movie Watsongot married with Mary. So it could be his last investigation with Sherlock Holmes.
But there is a nasty man who want to sell arms by the way of World War III. This man is at the head office of arms industry, and he said "I design the supply and I will design demand." For that, he oblige someoneto have an surgery to change his face so that he looks like ann ambassador. And then the imposter must kill an other ambassador to cause a war between two countries...
Will Sherlock Holmes save the world?

Ophélie Pozza 2nd D

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