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What is a Manga ??

What is a Manga?

A Manga is a Japanese comic, in general in Black and White.
The word "Manga" is often uses of a poor manner to indicate a not Japanese
comic whose use the usual code of Japanese Manga or a cartoon.
The word "Manga" (漫画) is composed of two kanji:
"Ga" which means "drawings" and
"Man" which means "in the course of idea".
So the complete word can be translated by "free
drawings". The word is used of a regular manner at the end of the 18th century when Kankei Suzuki, Minwa Aikawa and Kyōden Santō publish their books but use for comics in the 20th century when they were introduce in Japan.
Image = Gon and Kirua (Hunter x Hunter)


1. Types of Manga:

There is a lot of type of Manga but only 7 were often published in France shōjo, shōnen, seinen, shitei, hentai, yaoi and yuri.

Shōjo (少女): Manga which were for teenager, in general girls.
Shōnen (少年): It's the equivalent of the Shōjo for the boys.
Seinen (青年): It's a Manga for young men adult.
Shitei: Manga humorous for young and adults.
Hentai (変態): Manga of wicked Type.
Yaoi (やおい): Love between two men.
Yuri (百合): Love between two women.

When we talk about Yaoi and Yuri, we don't make the difference between wicked and sample love.

2. Specific Vocabulary:

We can hear a specific vocabulary used by the person who read Manga. The often used:

Mangaka (漫画家): Person who draw Manga. They are subjected to a very well brought up rhythm of publication do not always have a complete freedom on them writings.
Otaku (お宅, おたく, オタク): If in occident, the word "Otaku" indicate a person who is passionate by the Mangas, in Japan, this word is pejorative. It indicate a person who is so much enthralled by a subject (Film, singer, Manga…) that he finished to cut his relation whit the real world and locks himself in his world (in general his bedroom where he has a lot of figurine and posters of his idol). Otaku is also a synonym of "Geek".
Fan Fiction: Story written by a fan. This story used the characters of a book, a Manga, a film or a video game where the fan change the original story and do what he want with the different characters.
Cosplay: The word CosPlay is the shrinkage with "costume" and "player". This is a practice aiming at dressing up as a famous figure of Manga or as Japanese star. The Cosplayers often meets and reconstruct the mythical stages linked to their figure. The "Japan Expo", in France, is one of this meets.
Bishōnen (美少年): pretty young boy, almost androgynous.
Bishōjo (美少女): pretty young girl.

Stemming Products:

Cartoons: The Manga which have success was adapted cartoons there but sometimes, it is the opposite; the cartoons bring to the creation of a Manga.
Drama: Some Manga where adapted in Drama, this is a film where the story is shortly but the story is the same.
Artbooks: it is a book where some illustrations in color and original pictures are gathered, they sometimes include short stories.
Video Games: It's the same thing as for cartoons. Some Mangas were adapted in video games but some video games become Mangas.
Figurine: Some Characters of Mangas become figurines
or fuzzes.

In general, we can buy stemming products in conventions: at the Japan
Expo for example, or in specialize stores.

Image = Figurine Luffy and friends (One Piece)

ROUSSEAU Clémentine, 2nd D

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