Saturday, 6 October 2012

“How to change the voice of a song” (A written article")

I choose as software Audacity:
Download link:

1. Click to « Télécharger Audacity 2.0.2 »

2. Install the software in your computer

3. Lauch Audacity 

4. On Audacity, select “fichier” and “Ouvrir” then select your song.
Take for exemple "Firework" by Katy Perry
I choose in preference songs file "MP3" but also, you can take others files as "WMA"

5. Once your song loaded, click to “Effets” on high then “Changer la hauteur”

6. Select the cursor:
   -Shift it to right for to make the voice high-pitched
   -Shift it to left for to make the voice deep
Then select “Ok”

And press "Lecture" on higt.

Link download for register your song on ".Mp3" :

7.Clik to the green icon "Lame_enc.dll"  and register on   "Poste de travail;Disque local (C);Audacity then "Enregistrer"

Once your song changed, select "Fichier" (on high)
"Exporter comme Mp3", select the file who you want to register and "Enregistrer"
For the first time, a second window is opening, click to "Oui" and found the lame_enc.dll

Go to "Poste de travail;Disque local (C);Audacity"
Select : Lame_enc.dll and "Ok"

Nom du fichier : Lame_enc
Fichiers de type : Seulement lame_enc.dll

Why I propose this, well I think it's fun and I love playing with music, I think music is an art that can be his own creation

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