Thursday, 15 November 2012

How to deal with critics?

Even they come from your parents, a teacher or your best friend, there is nothing to do, you can’t afford critics. Even if they hurt you, critics can be beneficial and help you to develop yourself.
Remain Zen
First, calm down, critics are never pleasant to hear, especially beccause they arrive at the moment that we expect the least. The good attitude is breath deeply, manage the irritation which is growing up and remain Zen.
Put you in question
Don’t underestimate yourself but stand back to critics you just hear. Even if it’s not easy to hear, maybe the person who critics you can helps you to progress and grow up. Knock down the situation and change a word that seems negative into a positive idea.
Strength and courage
We always say that we learn more from our failures than our success. It’s right! Every stage of life knows circunstances and new developments, positives or negatives. You have to get up whatever you have obstacles, to retake your way even stronger than before.

By Victoria F  2nde 2

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