Saturday, 10 November 2012

I went to the theatre ''La Grande Comédie'' during the holidays with my parents and my brothers, this french play is entitled « les colocs » (« roommates » in english). It is the story of two men : Robert, a top-grade lazy man and Jano, a foolish shy person, who came to the french capital to become actors. These loosers are looking for a roommate, a young and beautiful woman of course !

But surprise, Jean-phil arrives, a parisian who comes directly from the Marais. Our 2 southern friends were expecting everything except a homosexual. The story is full of surprises,

Misunderstandings and tantrums. All these ingredients are present during 1h15 to have a really good time.

This play, which was written by the actors themselves is a real moment of happiness and pleasure. The actors perfectly embody the different personalities.

If you want to have a good time with some friends or with your family, I advise you to see this show.

You can book your tickets online or directly in the theatre “La Grande Comédie”, 40 rue de Clichy, in Paris.”

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