Sunday, 9 December 2012

How to improve yourself at Golf

                     At first, when you decide to start to play golf, you know that you won’t save money. It’s a really expensive sport ! But it’s really fun. If you want to improve yourself at Golf you have to get time, because you have to practice intansively. There is no lessons everyweek for exemple (you can ask a teacher for some lessons at first as you want, there is no specific golf period for that) . Most of the work is your personnal work. You have to go to the nearsest golf from your place (which is often quite far), and here you can play the 18 golf’s holes, but you have to be allowed to do that (get a specific card to play on the field), and to play quite good. You have to pay a expensive fee every time you want to play.



  But, if you just start golf, or if you simply want to practice, you can play in the “practice” : it’s a place where players can shoot many balls in line, on a grass place, in front of them. It’s really usefull because you can get the proper move quite easily (called “the swing”). However, even if you want to play in the “practice”, you need to have your own golf clubs, and your own bag. The Golf clubs are quite expensive, if you want a great equipment.                                    

  This is a golf swing.


This is some good swings at the practice : 


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