Saturday, 8 December 2012

My day in park theme : Port Aventura

Last summer, I have spent my holiday in Spain, in Catalonia, and I went in a best Europe's amusement parks , with my brothers : Port Aventura.
This park is composed of five "worlds" : Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and Far West . Decorations of each of these worlds are well done and very realistic . 

Dragon Khan behind The Great Wall Of China
We can even to admire a reconstruction of The Great Wall of China . We began by "Dragon Khan", located in China, which is a roller coaster, and which was the first amusement to possess so much inversions. This amusement is high in thrill. 

Templo Del Fuego

Then, we went in Mexico to do "Templo Del Fuego" where we get into in a room with special effects, it's very impressive, there are flames, water jets, ... 
Hurakan Condor

In same zone, we did "Hurakan Condor", other park's showcase attraction, which is a freefall of 100 m ! It is the third higher tower of freefall, arriving on top of the tower, we have an  amazing sight on all to the park. 

Furius Baco

At the end of the day we have finished by Mediterranean making "Furius Baco", the roller coaster fastest in Europe until 2009, we are jet at a speed of 135 hm/h, the wait was unending but it was worthwhile  !

This theme park is wonderful and very well stocked in thrill. I think that it was best attraction park where I went. So, if you get your holidays in Spain, don't forget to go in Port Aventura ;) 

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