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They have a beautiful costume.

The curling is a sport of precision practised on the ice with stones in polite granite, cut and polished according to an international template. The purpose is to place stones as close as possible to a target drawn on the ice called “the house”.
The stone of curling used for the game weighs 20 kg. The curling is a team game, practised between two teams of 4 players each.  When a stone is thrown, there is a player who throws the stone and an other one at the other end of the runway. Both remaining players follow the stone and assist the trajectory by sweeping the ice before the stone arrives, according to the directives of the skip. File:Curlingrock.jpg

The surface of game of the curling, or “runway", called normally " rink ", is established by an ice-cold surface of 42,07 m of length and a width going of 4,3 m to 4,75 m, prepared with big care to be the flattest possible to allow "stones", to slide better
When both teams threw 8 stones each, the team which has the stone the closer of the button wins a point for every stone which is closer than the stone the closest to the opposite team. The winner is the team which made the largest number of points after an even number bolancer

it is an official sport of Winter Olympics since the Winter Olympics of 1998. Some consider that the curling was already an official competition during the Winter Olympics of 1924 when a tournament had taken place.

In France, the curling is sometimes qualified as on ice petanque.

It is a Great sport ! TRY

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