Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cacatoès Rosalbins

I Will talk to you about a parrot :  The cacatoès Rosalbins from northern Autralia.
 I have one (at home), I bought it in Vendee , it is a female, its name is Rosalie, and is three months old. I had it one month ago. It's Nice,cute, adorable, but it's capricious and it is not very clever.
These days, it just learns how to talk, its first word was "cake". It eats seeds, peanuts and fruits .
 Rosalie has a beautiful plumage, its body is pink and its back is grey. When it is suprised or scared, it pricks up its powder puff.
 It has a shrill cry, so to stop it screaming we must take it out or give it a swim. It has a very large cage with a lot of games, and  I put branches Inside,to create a natural environement for Rosalie.
It my parrot:


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