Monday, 14 October 2013

Las Vegas


 Las Vegas is most city of the state of the Nevada in U.S.A. It is situaded in the middle of the Mojave Desert in country of Clark. It is the city which was founded on march 15th 1905. In the time, Las Vegas was a source situaded in the North of the city center. In which came to quench thirst Indians. And it is in 1930 favor has the construction of the dam hoover which allows has Las Vegas to grow in a spectacular way.

 Today the city contains casinos and hotel most luurious. When we visit Las Vegas has gone round the world a little because there are representation of the monuments of the world. The nickname of this city is "The world capital in various ways". There is 1 951 269 inhabitants. It's area is 340km2.

 To conclude, I think that this city is a city of games or we can very easily lose feet.

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