Wednesday, 13 November 2013

˙·٠•●✖ The Light Painting ✖●•٠·˙

                       The Light Painting 

Today, I'm going to talk about the Light Painting.

The principle of the Light Painting is to take a photo and add light trails in it.

You can add a text in a photo :

If you want to try the light painting, you need :

- To be in the dark

- A tripod :

- A camera :

- A laser pointeur :

If you want to write a text in your photo and your camera see the text in the write direction, you must write in the other direction.

You need to change one setting of your camera, it's the light sensor, you must to put the light sensor at 10 seconds.

Push the button of your camera and draw anything in your photo.

Some exemples of Light Painting :

I think the Light Painting is an art, It's a technic who use the news technologies, It's a modern picture

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