Sunday, 8 December 2013

                                                                      How to cook an apple crumble?

-four apple
-four tablespoons of citron juice
-two tablespoons  of cinnamon
-80g of sugar
-160g of flour
-80ml of cream
-20g of ice sugar

-preheat the oven in 180 degrees.
-Cut the butter (120g) in pieces and wrap them with plastic film before putting them in the refrigerator.
-Peel apples.
-cut apples in eight districts.
-remove the parts of apples containing pips.

-prepare a bowl.
-put pieces of apple in the bowl and water( spray) with lemon juice.
-Add the powder cinnamon and mix to cover apples with it.

- prepare an oven dish.
-butter the dish (flat).
-put apples squeezed well in the dish.

- prepare a bowl.
-Put the flour and the pieces of butter in the bowl.
-Add the sugar(80g).
-Mix with hands to obtain a lumpy dough.
-Distribute the dough by crumbling him(it) well on apples, in the dish.
-Bake in 180 degrees during approximately 35 minutes.

- Prepare two bowls and a whip.
-Put of the ice water in one of the bowls.
-Put the cream(80ml) in the other bowl, then plunge the bottom of the bowl in ice water.
-Add the icing sugar and whip the whole until obtain a smooth cream.
-Serve the crumble in ramekins.
-Serve with a beautiful presentation.

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