Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How to Skate - The Ollie

Before start this tutorial, it's important to see my first article concerning the basic of skateboard
The Ollie is the basic skateboarding trick. To make it, in first, you have to be comfortable on your board. When you are, the tutorial can get started !

The Ollie is divided in four big steps :
1. You have to be stable and flexed on your board
2. The second step, I think, it's the more difficult ... You have to jump and pump with your back-foot. When you pump, you have to pumping hard for take off your board, if you didn't do it, your Ollie will don't.
3. You have to jump forward and stay stable in air (I no it's difficult but you can't win your Ollie the first time !), in the same time you have to slide your front foot forward the board.
4. When you think it's time to touch down, you touch down your feet in the same time to don't fall
You have to know one thing : the Ollie can't be successful the fisrt time ! It's a long training time before do a nice Ollie ! I think it's important to know that.

Thanks and good training time :)

By Mattéo 2nde2

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