Sunday, 28 February 2010


Several weeks ago, I watched the new James Cameron's movie, Avatar. It was one of the most expected movies of the last year because its budget was enormous (around 500 million $ with production and marketing), its making lasted almost 10 years and it used a very-advanced 3D technology (IMAX 3D or a thing like that). In other words, we shouldn't be disappointed at the exit of the cinema!
Fortunately, the movie keeps its promises! It's just awesome!
Besides, you should watch it with the 3D glasses because the movie is just beautiful with it. The visual effects and IMAX technology make landscapes of Pandora wonderful and the Na'vis (Pandora's inhabitants) look real!
The only dark point of this movie is its story. He reminded me partially " Dance with wolves" 's and adds an ecological and pacifist message (James Cameron would have indirectly criticized the Iraq war with this movie). It's not very original and we are not very surprised of the "happy ending".
However, "Avatar" stills exceptional, a beautiful example of what could become the cinema tomorrow with wonderful effects and a very immersive 3D!
It isn't for nothing that it became the biggest success of the cinema history!
I wait for its sequel with impatience!

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