Sunday, 7 March 2010


Ashburies is a little band of 4 boys who are Charles Pinel ( vocals and guitar), Alexandre Khondji (guitar), Dylan Goldstein ( drums) and Noe Topaloff ( bass and vocals) . They are young but their music sound great. This band is a french band they make themselves know by a perfomance in "l album de la semaine" and by doing the generic of the tv show "sweet dreams" a tv serie known by french teens.
I looked their performance and i became a huge fan since this moment. Ashburies isn't known to the general public and i hope that this will change in a few years because they've got talent and their music is fresh and young. I love their first song " Walk away" because of Charles' voice which is awesome and eccentric. Guys have already their own style and they make all the difference.
Even if they've a band and a career, they're in high school and they've a social life. They make music for pleasure, they make concerts in little places like a café and even in their high school.
You can follow them on facebook and on their myspace page.
Myspace : . ENJOY "I WALK AWAY"
Alexandra G

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