Sunday, 14 March 2010

La Faculté des rêves

"La Faculté des reves" is one of the best novel which I read.
First, the author Sara stridsberg, describes with a great skill, the psycologic and amazing biography of Valerie solanas,the radical feminist who tried to kill Andy Warhol in 1968
Valérie Solanas was a very clever and bright intellectual of the 60's. But when she was child, she was destroyed morally and traumatized by a mother totally degenerate and pyromaniac, and a father who raped her when she was 7.
Therefore, she built a true hate for the men, which lead her to think the men should have never existed. She explains this in the "SCUM manifesto", the only book which she has never wrote.
Secondly, this book takes back the differents pansies of Valerie Solanas of differents moments of her short. So we follow with great interest the fall into hell of a disenchanted woman.
What's more, the life of Valerie solanas is very captivating. In fact, she was forced to prostitute to pay her study, but she was discouraged by the misogynous thought of the people who surround her and the deaths unfair of her 2 friends. She buried on the drug and the madness. She worked with Andy Warhol who Betrayed her. She fired off him but he fall only on the coma. She was interned on a mad house and she finished her life on a wretched motel, alone with behind to her an existence of wickedness and broken dreams...

The harshness and the truth maked the strength of this fantastic novel.
Sara stirdsberg hides anything about the décline of a great woman, and makes of the 60's, a world of lies and illusions.

I really advise you to read this book, because It's unique and marvellous!
Bérengère B. Seconde c

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