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KT Tunstall is a British singer and songwriter. Her true name is Kate Tunstall but she took the pseudonym KT Tunstall because she prefers the name Katie and she made of it a pun. Her music varies from the folk music to the pop music. She plays the piano, the flute and the guitar very well, but in her songs she often plays the guitar but not the other instruments.

She took out her first album in 2005: Eye to the telescope which was a success with her song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree thanks to it she won a Q Award for Track of the Year. She also won a Brit Award for the Best British Female Solo Artist in 2006. She took out her second album in 2007 which is Drastic Fantastic. For most of her songs, she is surrounded of several musicians which are Sam Lewis to the guitar, Arulf Linder to the bass, Luke Bullen to the percussions and Kenny Dickenson to the keyboard and the trumpet. And for a few songs she has two backing singers: Cat Sforza and Gita Harcourt.

Her songs especially Suddenly I See or Black Horse and the Cherry Tree are often used in movies like at the beginning of Le Diable s’habille en Prada or in series like Grey’s Anatomy or Skins, or else in advertising like Alice.

My favourite songs of KT Tunstall are Other Side of the World and Suddenly I See.

Here are links to listen some of her songs:

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Suddenly I See

Other Side of the World

Enjoy !

Lucie H. 2F

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