Monday, 1 March 2010


Yellowstone Nationale Park is the first Nationale Park in America, established in 1872. Located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
Last summer, I went to this park and I kept a very good memory.
It is home of a lot of different wildlife like grizzly, bears, wolves, buffalos and wapitis.
It’s also famous because of his many geysers and hot springs.
What is also very incredible is that we can stroll between the buffalos, the geysers … but we have to be very careful especially for bears.
Yellowstone Nationale Park is 8 983 km2, it’s huge.
Furthermore it’s an old volcano but is still active with the geysers.
The most important fear will be if it exploses again.
The site is very beautiful with the flora and fauna and touristic too.

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