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is a Finnish group of metal music, which is composed by four cellos and later, a drum:

-Paavo Lötjon (29/07/1968)
-Eicca Toppinen (05/08/1975)
-Antero Manninen (19/01/1973)
-Max Liljira (27/08/1975) /Perttu Kivilaakso (11/05/1979)
-Mikko Sirén (31/12/1975)

in 1993, in their academy of Helsinky, Eicca toppinen decided to compose a cello group.
At the beginning, only Eicca, Max, Paavo and Antero were in the groupe.
First, Apocalyptica played and remixed Metallica's songs, and created their first albums "Plays Metallica by four cellos" in 1996, and "Inquisition symphony" in 1998.

But later, Max liljira decided to leave Apocalyptica, and then, Perttu kivilaakso arrived in 1999. At the same time, Apocalyptica welcomed for the first time a drummer: Mikko Sirén .

They composed new albums, which are their own songs : "Cult" in 2000 , "Reflections" in 2003, "APOCALYPTICA" in 2005, "Amplified - A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello" in 2006,
and their last CD "Worlds Collide" in 2007

I love this groupe, because they have talent in cello or drum. they have begun to play cello very young and, so, they know a lot about music . they're not amateur. I think it's good to show that cello can play metal music too, and not only classic music. music of Apocalyptica is better than mettalica, more armonia.
It's a famous group, but they don't do that for money or celebrity . that's why I respect them.


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