Saturday, 17 April 2010

Atlantis by David Gibbins

The author, David Gibbins was born in 1962 in Saskatoon, in Canada. He became a famous archeologist specialized in old and missing civilizations, and started by submarine excavations in wreck, which disappeared in seas or oceans. Then he stopped excavations and decided to be an univesitaire in Cambridge. There he wrote books about archeology, for instance Atlantis or Crusader gold ( le chandelier d’or) that are about the legendary city Atlantide or the lost menorah of Salomon’s temple.

Now, the book: Atlantis. Nowadays, professor Hiebermeyer, an archeologist specialized in Egypt, discover a very old Egyptian cimmetery where he find, on a mummy, a papyrus that indicates the localization of the mythical city of Atlantis, the first civilization in the world. At the same time, Jack Howard, the main character who is another famous archeologist, find a golden discus in the Aegean sea, which could be the “ key” of Atlantis. Howard, helped by Hiebermeyer, his friend Costas, a Russian archeologist named Katya and his ancient teacher, deduce the precise site of Atlantis: it seems to be in the Dark sea, near a volcano. But there’s a problem: in 1991 a nuclear Russian submarine disappeared in this area. Now, some warlords want to recover the nuclear bombs which are in the submarine and they will not hesitate to kill anybody who could be near their objective. Jack Howard and his team will have to explore Atlantis and save their colleagues, preserve this historical cradle of the human civilization and prevent the criminals to steal the missile.

History, sciences, suspense: a very good book if you’re fond of archeology. I recommend you Crusader gold by the same author, The Alexander cipher( le tombeau d’Alexandre[ le Grand]) by Will Adams, Eternalis and The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury.

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