Sunday, 2 May 2010


I think that Tunis is the ideal destination for the holidays. Indeed this city abounds in things which the tourists are looking for, for their holidays. The Mediterranean climate offers sun almost all the year and the temperatures can reach in July until 27°C the morning and 36°C the afternoon. As a result the landscapes of the white houses to the blue shutters and the harbour are splendid. Moreover it isn’t only a beautiful city where you can swim and sunbathe; it’s also a city where you can learn something. As a matter of fact it has got a very big history. It’s a city which was built very near of the old roman city Carthage. You can visit the roman ruin and the very famous museum Bardo. Finally you can go shopping in the souk an over-populated place where you can negotiate all the local products like Tunisian costumes, collars, perfumes, tee and even counterfeits.

Benjamin Sc 2nde E

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