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Japan is a composed of many islands located in Asia Pacific region, 10 000 kilometers far from France, in the northern hemisphere close to Korea, China and Russia.

The Japan surface is only 3/5 of the French one and it is mainly composed of mountains, for 126 millions people, which means a huge number of person per square meter. About 30 millions persons live in the capital Tokyo.
Islands are the result of an important volcanic activity. There are often earthquakes which cause many catastrophes. The main recent ones are in Tokyo in 1923 and in Kobe in 1995. Buildings are now built with strong parasysmic rules.

Japan is very old country with a proper history which started in 10 000 before JC with a long history of monarchy (emperor was nearly a god) and feudal organisation with many fights between the imperial family and the “samourais”.
Japan has been totally destroyed during by the Second World War. It was the first time of his history that it has been invaded. Americans used the atomic weapon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. American have imposed democracy (constitutional monarchy).
Japanese are very organised and are working a lot with full devotion to their company. They respect a lot their traditions (kimono, tea ceremony, sumo, geishas..). They like order, respect and cleanliness. But they can be also quite innovated in building (best architects make incredible buildings) and they spend a lot of money for clothes to be worn with the latest creations of the famous creators.

Japan is the third economic power of the world (China just gets the second place) . In a very big technologic advance, they are leader in cars and electronic industry. Exportation is more important than importation.

Low rate of new born babies and long life make Japanese average age very old. If they continue with that trend, they will reduce a lot the population number in the coming years.
Religion is a mix of Buddhism and Shintoism .Often Japanese practice both religions, depending of the type of event (Buddhism for sade event like death and Shintoism for happy event). They are also ready to use Christianism especially for wedding (only to have a white dress).

Meals are meanly composed of rice and fish.
Sport is baseball, sumo and all combat sport like Judo, aikido...

Country of fascinating contrasts, Japan does not stop to surprise those who go there because it combines tradition and modernism.
Marie F

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