Friday, 16 April 2010

My Chemical Romance

Today I'd like to write an article for my favourite band, My Chemical Romance. Two years ago, I heard one of their songs while I was watching a video. Strangely, almost a month later, I realize I was falling in love with this mysterious melody. Now their music rocks me every day...
My Chemical Romance is an American band from New Jersey , with varied genres like hard rock, alternative rock and punk. In the beginning, Gerard Way the singer, his brother Mikey the bassist and the two guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro were four friends, and the four of them loved music. But the reason that led them to make a rock band wasn't the celebrity... On September of 2001, as Gerard Way saw the Twin Towers crashing down, he decided to give to people around him a reason to live, and music was the only one way to. Beside the first song they wrote was "Skylines and Turnstiles" is inspired from the attack of the eleventh September of 2001.
Thereby, their first album marked the beginning of their success. How to describe their songs? The energetic, dramatic and so strange singer's voice. The crazy guitar rhythms, the gorgeous guitar solos. The arithmetic battery. All those things seem to me, marvellous. Listening to them, my heart just jumps in me and I suddenly feel better. Even their lyrics create around them a mysterious atmosphere. To some bad people they seem gothic and pessimistic, however the words they used to tell us keep on living is just amazing. Their fight is for those young teenage who want to suicide, for those who don’t believe in themselves. Their music is an eternal hope.
That’s incredible, but their other albums make me feel the same thing. I couldn’t believe in, but each time I listened to another song, I fell in love with. I should advise you the song which will please you but I can’t choose… All of their songs deserve to be played, sung, heard or listened! Oh please, trust me, these four guys changed my life… Today I’m still waiting for their forth album, I wish I could see them in live! Hope you’ll appreciate them…
Musically, Sonia 2nde C

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