Sunday, 2 May 2010

Nintendo: a story about video games

Nintendo is one of the first firms of video games, and it is always here today. At his beginning, the Nintendo company was just a manufacturer of playing cards. She started to sell video games in the 80’s, with the console conceived by Hiroshi Yamauchi (the president of the business), the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), which is one of the most video game consoles sold.

Hiroshi Yamauchi (left) and his product, the NES (right)

Today, after a fight of fifteen years with his main competitor, Sony, Nintendo became again the leader in the sale of video games.

Why do I love Nintendo? Because this company, through the years, innovated their products, contrary to his competitors who just wanted to make their consoles more powerful. Some of the detractors of Nintendo say that the Nintendo games are very childish. I think it’s true. But I believe that the infantile games allow us to escape from the daily life.

Maxime F 2nde F

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