Sunday, 12 December 2010

Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte is a group of rock which has been creates in the USA in 1996 in Waldorf (Maryland) by the twins Benji and Joel Madden and their friends Paul Thomas and Aaron Escolopio.

The name of the group is the name of a bokk for children wrote by Carol Beach York. Aaron Escolopio has left the group in 2001. Now the members of the group are five: Joel Madden who sings, Benji Madden who plays guitar and sings, Billy Martin who plays guitar and piano, Dean Butterworth who plays battery and Paul Thomas who plays bass.

The first album of Good Charlotte is "Good Charlotte" which was made in 2000. Two years later was made "The youg and the Hopeless". Good Charlotte has made "The Chronicles of Life and Death" in 2004, "Good Morning Revival" in 2007, "Geatest Remixes" in 2008 and Cardiology in 2010 too.

The official site of the group is

My favourite song of Good Charlotte is "The Truth" because this song is very slow and quiet but I like "Beautiful Place" too because this one gives me a lot of energy. I love " Emotionless" too. Good Charlotte isn't very famous but this group is very cool and I love the lyrics of theirs songs. The lyrics are not to hard to understand and give a lot of different feelings: enjoyment, sadness, nostalgia oder anger ... I love hear Good Charlotte in my room very noisy :)

Sorry, but I can't transfer a video because my computer is very old ^^
But if you want to hear a song of Good Charlotte, go to or to

Gabrielle 2°D

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