Sunday, 12 December 2010

A True Friendship

I'm going to talk you about one of the most important people in my life.
I have strong feeling about it .
I don't want to say her name but I know that it's no mystery.
I met her five years ago and today I'm extremely proud to know her .
Together we are unbereable, we love talking and laughing for nothing.
With her I must keep smiling , she is in my heart and I hope that it will be always so.
It's really difficult to put one's feeling into words ...
She is like a sister, without her I'm not the same girl I'm get lose and sad .
Our smiles and the trust she places in me are the definition of our friendship.
She is a faithful friend , I would never want to lose sight of her.
We can spend two hours on the phone, I think nobody can spend any longer than us , we are unbeatable .
Since the first day of secondary school we are in the same class , but we must be separate the next year.
With her no two days are the same , she is a real scream!
However strange it may seem, often we don't have the same judgments and tastes , it takes all sorts to make a world !
But who said " Birds of a feather assemble ?!"
We complement each other ..
My article is not a declaration, just the testimony of a great friendship which isn't ready to stop...!
Sara 2°E