Monday, 21 November 2011

The Vocaloids

Vocaloids are virtual singers create by Yamaha Corporation, through a japanese software.
The goal of this software is to allow some musicians to get a virtual singer perfectly fit to the music they make.

The basic voices are singer or actor's ones, who agree to give their voice to create a vocaloid singer.
The current languages are only available in english or in japanese, but the next version will have spanish, chinese and korean voices.

When the user creates a music, he has to choose the singer. Then he has to « teach » him the lyrics by registering them on a keyboard which looks like a piano (it's included in the software). Then, he can change the voice as he wants: he can change the prononciation, the tone or puts some sound effects.

The results are amazing, because we really think we are listening to a human singing.

The vocaloids currently have a big succes in Japan, thanks to their endless creativity, because the only limit of these singers is the talent of theirs users.

Moreover, their fans create them « manga » animate avatar: with a body, a personality and a character, then the music creators generally try to create them a personal story in each song. That allows to attribute them a life, and make them almost real people.
The most famous vocaloids are: Hatsune Miku (01), Len&Lin Kagamine (02), Megurine Luka (03), Kaito and Kamui Gakupo.

My favorit songs are: "Sleeping beauty" by Akiakane and "Circus Monster" by Megurine Luka, but I also like many songs of Volcaloid.

And my favorit Vocaloid singer is Akiakane.

Here there are some Vocaloid songs:

HANRIOT Emerick 2nd F

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