Tuesday, 27 December 2011


In a first time, I'm going to introduce my subject. It's talks about a Korean group : 2NE1. It is composed of 4 young singers who are Koreans girls.

"2NE1" means "To Anyone". It's a very famous group in South-Korea. They called this king of music : K-pop. It's a mix of pop and rap.
2NE1 was created for 4 years, by the leader (C.L). In 2009, in parallel, they made singles, each of them without be separated, all while beeing together.

If you know and like BIGBANG (very famous group of Korean boys), I think that you may enjoy 2Ne1 because people usually call 2NE1, the "Female BIGBANG".



In a second time, I'm going to make some presentations :

- the youngest is MINZY (she was born in 1994) ;
-then, there's C.L who was born in 1991. She is the leader.
- And to finish, there are DARA and BOM who were both of them, born in 1984.

This is MINZY.

This is C.L
This is DARA.

And BOM !

To finish, I suggest you listen to one of their very famous songs :

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGe0hHvAGkc (UGLY - 2Ne1)


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  1. I appreciatte 2NE1 too Big Bang. However I prefer G-Dragon.