Thursday, 22 December 2011


"Intouchables" is a French movie made by Eric Toledano in 2011. Main actors are François Cluzet, Omar Sy and Anne Le ny. The scene takes place in Paris in France.

As a result of a paragliding accident, Philippe a wealthy aristocrat commits Driss to look after him. Driss is a young person who lives in suburb. Last he spent a moment in prison. He is not the most qualified but he is a great man.

After, they will create a real collaboration and become friends. Driss will help Philippe to forget his health. Each of them will discover his leisure, passions, music, jokes and life.

We can read some critics of this film on internet. All of them are very positive. This movie is a real dream of life for all disabled person. It’s necessary to know that it’s a real story. The number of entries exceeded 10 million. It’s a real success for this producer.

If you want to see the movie trailer, you can go on this page:

From my point of view, I like this movie. This story is extremely touching and very joyful.

For each of you who didn’t see this movie, I suggest you go see him as soon as possible.

Auriane Benchater, 2nde F.

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