Friday, 23 December 2011


Electronics-sports is a very young sport, since 1998 to be precise. In this sport, which have some dificulties to be consider like that, some people play videos games and they are in confrontation in tournaments. There are a lot of games whiches play for exemple: Starcraft 2 which is probably the most popular and the playest game in the e-sport community.
This man is Stephano, a french player of starcraft 2 and he is one of the better player in the world. He is the world champion of Starcraft 2 and he was crowned during the ESWC which took place in Paris this years.

Far from the frame of "the player are no-lifes", the player in the world of e-sport are paid for their performences and the cash-prize can change from a tournament to the other one. that can be the oportunity for the student who have to paid their school because the majority of tournaments take place in the week-end and the mean age of the players is twenty years old.

This sport allows to make a others opinion of the videos games.

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