Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Shutter Island !

Shutter Island is one of the biggest movies made by Martin scorsese. He’s one of the most famous realisator and producer all over the world.

This movie was shoot in 2009 with Leonardo DiCaprio (the main character, who plays Teddy Daniels, an American marshal) and with Mark Ruffalo who plays the second role next to Leonardo. (an doctor and the teamate of Teddy Daniels)

The movie was great welcoming by the critic and by the public. It’s with this movie that Scorsese had get his best score at the french box office.

Moreover, this production was first for mid october 2009, but finally, it was rejected until the 24th february, 2010; which was the cause of the anger of Scorses and the main characters because it makes the movie out of the race for the oscars, even if it also made them win so many.

A short summary:

In 1954, the marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule are sent to investigate the Shutter Island, a psychiatric hospital where dangerous criminals were interned. One patient, Rachel Solando, has inexplicably disappeared. how could the murderess get out of a closed from outside cell ? The only clue which has been find there is a sheet of paper where you can read a sequence of number and letters without any apparent meaning. Is it a work of a sick, or a real cryptogram ?
This poignant movie will keep you focused during all the story in a dark and a stressfull atmosphere.

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