Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Ingredients to make 24 :
- 220 Gr of flour
- 440 Gr of sugar
- 1 L of whole milk
- 6 young people of eggs
- 2 whole eggs
- 1 in 2 spoon of rum
- 1 vanilla pod
- 50 Gr of butter

* In a big bowl mix the sugar and the flour. In the center, put the young people of eggs and 2 whole eggs. Move by means of a spatula until the obtaining of a smooth dough.

* Make warm on fires soft the milk, vanilla pod and butter. Remove of fires just before boiling and overturn into the bowl (by having to remove the vanilla pod)

* Let rest 24 hours covered with a cloth and in the ambient air.

*The cooking shod in moulds in silicone in a temperature between 200 ° and 210°C during 1 hour, until the fluted are very colored.

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