Friday, 24 February 2012

Cocoon, a movie by Ron Howard

Monday, I watched a movie who changed my life (or almost): Cocoon.
It's a science-fiction film like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" of S.Spielberg, but it's more a reflection about the life and about the octogenarians.
Cocoon was shoot in 1985 by Ron Howard, with mainly old actors : this movie follows a group of elderly people who are rejuvenated by aliens' cocoons stored in a pool. And after a while, aliens proposed to octogenarians to go with them on their planet : Andares. On Andares, there's no time, no diseases and also no humans.
You can think "Oh my god! I want to go there!", but in fact it's a terrible choice. If they go, they can't return, they can't talk to their family and they can't die. For some of them, the human needs to die and can't survive to his children. Others say that the life is hard with them, so they can play on her a trick!
Existencial question...
The spectator is in the movie, following three old men throught their choices, their thoughts...

The second part of Cocoon was shoot by Daniel Petrie, but it's more commercial than the first one. The octogenarians return on Earth for a few weeks this time, and the challenge returns again : "to leave or to rest?".

More than a film : a big question. I loved this movie, and I think you will love it too.


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