Friday, 24 February 2012


It was the most awaited album of the year, and we can say that it is at the height of my hopes. "Born to die" of the revelation of this beginning of year, Lana del Rey, was released on January 31.
The artist with full and fakes lips is currently very controversial, but we can not deny the quality of her album, the latter topping the charts since its release. I bought it and listening to the evening, falling asleep on these trippy songs.

Passed the cap of the first listening, the album of Lana Del Rey spreads like a drug delicious, sweet and sour at the same time that we must consume constantly to avoid a shortage. Forget his detractors just there to criticize because it is "hype", put aside the "hyper-communication" (enough badly managed by the way) made ​​about her by her record label.

Yes, Lana has something to upset, her live performances have to be disconcerting, but this "buzz" it has shown is in no way merited. Enjoy, just.

Best songs : Video Games, Blue Jeans, Off to the Races

Clip de Video Games :


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