Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An other musical style, the Kpop

What about Kpop?
Kpop is a musical style wich appeared in the second half of the 20th century,in South Korea. For the South Korea, it's a real export product, with it, we can know Korea,because it's a country we really know. Nowadays, artists are taken in auditions,and have training during three or fives years in agences. The three bigs in korea are : S.M , YG and JYP. It's very long and hard,they learn to dance, sing and play comedy.

They have to be "perfect" so many of thems do chirurgical. In kpop there isn't lot of solo artists, there are many boysband or girlsband. The more famous band is : So Nyeo Shi Dae, in english : Girls generation, and in boysband, it's Super Junior. The musical style is very simple.You have korean lyrics and english lyrics, always for touch much of people. They do lots of shows so they can't have a real life with a boy or girlfriend, they can see families just 5 days for two months.They travel in all the world.The last 9th of february,they have been to Paris for a big show : the music bank.Kpop is more and more known in U.S.A and Europe, so singers can collaborate with very famous producers. Personnatly, I only listen to this music because I think american idols aren't nice, cool and funny. Because korean idols are very closed with their fans and they love communicate with them,even with fans who are from also continent. Here below you can see link for some songs of girlsband and boysband ! Enjoy 

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