Sunday, 4 March 2012

Symphonic metal

The symphonic metal is a musical genre combining the musical styles symphonic, gothic, operatic, and all styles of existing metal 
(doom, heavy, death, black, power).
 However, it can also inspired by Celtic and medieval music.
The birth of symphonic metal was in northern Europe mainly in Finland, Sweden, the netherlands, germany and Norway to the 1990s. 
Instruments representative are: guitar, bass, drums, the symphony orchestra (but for lack of pecuniary , musicals groups often use the synthesizer)
and chorus.
The particularity of symphonic metal that is the combining of many musical genres brings to life a new style of music.
Mostly, it is the mixture of orchestra and rock sound with the combination of a metal singer and an opera singer.
the thundering sound of electric guitars and screaming the metal singer will join with the magisterial voice of opera singer and the sweetness
of the orchestra .
Symphonic metal music are often used in movies or cartoons (Lord of the Rings, Vampire knight, the last samurai, Imaginaerum
  ect ...)

Symphonic metal bands most famous are : 

Nightwish , Symphonic metal band from Finland formed in 1996.
He is considered one of the representative of the genre because it is responsible for its rise in popularity.
Their most popular song is : Bye Bye Beautiful 
To me their singer Tarja Turunen is the most talented singer representing the symphonic metal, his singular voice is really touching
Too bad this group is separated from she in 2005...
Now she leads a single career.


Epica : Symphonic metal band from Netherland formed in 2002.
Their most popular song is : Cry for the moon


Leaves eyes :  Symphonic metal band from Norway and Germany Formed in 2003 .
Their most popular song is : My destiny

Leaves eyes

Sirenia :  Symphonic metal band from Norway formed in 2001 .
Their most popular song is : Lost in life ( Used for the opening of Vampire knight)


Within temptation :  symphonic metal band from Netherlands formed in 1996 .
Their most popular song is : Say my name 

Within temptation


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