Sunday, 21 October 2012

How know if your favorite video game is a good game?
When you watch your TV and see a pub of last Assassin‘s Creed you want to buy it right now !
Do you know if this video game is an extraordinary game?
Here are advices for observe with an eye of professional the qualities or defaults of a video game!!
If it is the continuation of a mythical saga the history begin when it finish in last video game.
There is a relation with stories of same saga. Example: the saga of Zelda , Pokemon or Call of Duty.
In theses video games the stories are fantastic because they are develop by big company like Nintendo or EA Sports .
If the video game is independent the story vary according to the age of buyers.
Battlefield who is a war game will buy by the persons who are more of 16 years so the history will be hardest than Zelda BUT Pokemon who is develop by Nintendo is a game for the kids more of 7 years .
So if you like war games choose Battlefield (wait 16 years!!) and if you like role games choose Pokemon, Zelda or Uncharted who is the best video game of 2011!

The length of life is very important to the popularity of a video game. A weak length of life will be less appreciates than video games that have a long length of life.
Yet the lengths of life vary according to the age of the buyers.
If you are not very patient and you want to finish a video game quickly choose that with a weak length of life (5-10 hours).
If you want to know every secrets of a game choose that with long length of life (10-300 hours)!!
FOR EXAMPLE: video games with weak length of life (Call of Duty , Battlefield or Uncharted = 10 hours )
Video games with long length of life (Zelda, Pokemon … = 70-300 hours)

The popularity of a video game belongs to the pubs see by a many persons in the world. A lot of video games didn’t buy if the company didn’t make pubs. FOR EXAMPLE Fifa 13 this is the best video game of the beginning of the autumn 2012. WHY? Because Ea Sports make pubs to inciter people to buy this game. In 2011 the same thing was do by naughty dog: UNCHARTED 3
In the past the popularity of a video game depends of the cartoons (Metal Gear); Now the depends of the pubs!!!
I hope my article will help many persons to choose THE video game of the year!!


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