Sunday, 21 October 2012

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How to make a video/photo editing with windows movie maker

       1. Add videos or photographs

Click on « add videos or photographs » and select on your computer which pictures or clips you want to take. If your images are backwards, you can rotate them .To adjust the duration of the pictures, click on edition and write how long would you like .
      2. Add music
To add some music, click on « add music » and take which song you want to use for your editing .When you've done it, you can adjust the volume of the music and make it appear or disappear fading .

      3. Improve your project
a) Add animations
When your montage is made, you can add animations between each image to make it more fluid. For this, click
on the picture, click on « animations » and choose which transition you want. Do this for each picture.

b) Add visual effects
Click on "visual effects", a lot of choice appear, select one that you like and apply it to the picture you want. You can also change the brightness.

      4. Add titles and captions
To finish your editing, you should put titles or captions to explain what the pictures are. For this, next to « add music », there are icons « title » and « caption » .Click on the image and choose what you want to add. Write your text and choose how you want it to appear .

      5. Save your project and create your video

Click on the little icon in the left hand corner and choose if you want to save your project or create your video.

DO A VIDEO editing

ENJOY ! ;-)

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