Monday, 22 October 2012


What is a mexicain?

A mexicain is a cake with chocolate, coffee and a sweet butter biscuit.

The recipe:
This recipe is for six people.
To make this recipe you need:
-24 sweett butter biscuit
- A cup of coffee cold

-3/4 liters of the milk

- 2 packet of sweet chocolate cream
- a dish square in glass
- 3 chocolate bars
For start, prepare the 2 packet of sweet chocolate cream following the directions for the preparation of package on the back.
Then to cover with a light layer of chocolate on the plate. To dip 6 biscuits in coffee cold and have them side by side on the sweet chocolate cream. Continue so . Finish with a layer of chocolate. Put in  the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then finish with grate the chocolate bars on the top of the in cake.
This recipe will enjoy your family and friends.
This is the final result:

 BERNAY Amélie 2 nd 1

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  1. It looks very good. You should make one for the class...