Friday, 26 October 2012


What is a devil stick ?

A devil stick is a juggling stick.
There are many kinds of devil sticks like flower sticks, fire sticks or strung sticks.
The devil stick is very old and was discovered in 2000 before J-C.

Strung sticks

Fire sticks
Flowers sticks

The aim of the devil stick is to juggle the main stick (the devil stick) with the two other sticks. That isn't so easy as you'll see ! The devil stick is very hard to learn !

All the tricks I'm going to show you are for right-handed.

The first trick you have to learn, the Tick-Tock movement :

1) Putt the devil stick on the floor or between the two other sticks.
2) Push the top of the devil stick with the right stick to the left stick.
3) Push the top of the devil stick with the left stick to the right stick.
4) Repeat this movement.

An advanced trick if you have some experience, The propeller spin :

1) When you're doing the tick-tock, push the bottom of the devil stick with the right stick.
2) Make a circular movement in the direction of clockwise that's to say outwards.
3) Repeat this motion as many times as you can.

This is a small demonstration of what I can do with my devil stick :

Now, you can be able to juggle devil stick like a pro !

Enjoy it !!! And work hard, play hard :)

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